Drop It When It's Hot...

January 1, 2013

Psalm 63:1; Psalm 119:10; Romans 12:1

This is a sunrise from my run on the Strand. 

"Drop it when it's hot, pick it up when it's cold..."


This is a phrase I hear routinely as I have a love/hate relationship with running.  The exercise, the fresh air, the mental break, and the time spent, in most cases, listening to sermons or worship music as I run is sweet time.  However this time often gets shuffled to the bottom of the list in all of the duties of the day.  The schedule, the unforeseen demands of the work day, the late night that leads to a late morning, blah, blah, blah.

I track the majority of my runs on the Nike+ GPS app.  This allows me to analyze my efforts in great detail.  It also provides timely words of encouragement from great athletes.  The phrases I like to hear are, "Congratulations, you just set a new personal best for the mile! Keep it up!"  However, the phrase I hear most is, "You can drop it when it's hot and pick it up when it's cold."  It only says this when there has been a span of inactivity in my running regimen.

As I am sure they intend, this phrase is meant to guilt me into being more dedicated and faithful to my workout.

This leads me to a few observations.  The first is that I started blogging a number of years ago and this is my first post in a long, long time.  So welcome to the blogosphere... again.  I have always enjoyed rambling just to get thoughts out of my head even if they fall on no ears at all.  Maybe this time I will keep it up.  If for no other reason than to hold myself accountable.

Second, I wonder, what if my Bible had "In Ear Cheers" that cheered me on when I did good and prodded me when I slumped?  What would my "analytics look like if I could map my personal time with the Lord in the same manner I could my last 5K?  Would my walk, or run, with the Lord be keeping up with the average for a guy my age?  Would I have burned as many minutes in prayer as I did calories last week? Last month?

Sometimes the same things that keep me from my run are the things that quickly crowd out my time alone with the Lord.  It amazes me how quickly I/we put off our time with God so we don't end up putting off our time with friends, email, news, coffee, Facebook, TV, Netflix, or [fill in the blank].  Sometimes we act as though God doesn't realize we are doing this, or that maybe He doesn't mind.  Why are we so quick to drop Him on our list of priorities?

This phrase at the end of a much needed run convicts me to walk closer to the Lord.  Where is your walk with the Lord?  What cheer would you hear if your Bible gave you props?  When was the last time you sacrificed "entertainment time" because you hadn't spent time with the Lord yet?  When was the last day you can remember a verse you read in the morning that impacted you in the afternoon?

Finally, I enjoy the thought of blogging.  The logo design is taken from the words of Jesus in your red letter edition.  I love a red letter edition.  Opening up a red letter edition of the Word of God is exciting because you see the Words of Christ so vibrantly on the pages.  "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God..." (John 1). My goal here is to highlight the words of God from cover to cover as they impact me and shape who I am in this world.  I pray that if you choose to read, you may not glean one word from me, but that you may benefit from the Truth of God exposing the inconsistencies of my heart to me.  If we don't share life with others, how else are we to be living sacrifices?

I think I'm going to go run...

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