“‎If there is no God, then man and the universe are doomed. Like prisoners condemned to death, we await our unavoidable execution. There is no God, and there is no immortality. And what is the consequence of this? It means that life itself is absurd. It means that the life we have is without ultimate significance, value, or purpose.”

William Lane Craig, Reasonable Faith


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"...appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints."  Jude 3

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Yes, but what's the alternative? NOT an argument for the lesser of two evils...

October 18, 2016

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October 18, 2016

I wish I had a nickel for everyone that I have heard say "I don't know who I am going to vote for this year," "I'm just not going to vote," or, "I'm not going to vote on principle."

Before you turn me off, I will admit, I said it too.  In full disclosure, I financially supported another candidate du...

October 13, 2016

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The famous words stated in our great nation's Declaration of Independence.

Are we actually a...

August 1, 2016

Over the years I have blogged as time has allowed.  I have never really claimed to have much to offer and I certainly don't claim to know everything.  However,

January 19, 2013

I Love Costco. I am a warehouse store's favorite customer. I just enjoy being in Costco. I love to look at all the stuff and wonder how many pickles you can get in one 5 gallon bucket. The thought of leaving one store with 10 pounds of ground beef, a new living room set, and a casket amazes me (yes,...

January 1, 2013

Psalm 63:1; Psalm 119:10; Romans 12:1

This is a sunrise from my run on the Strand. 

"Drop it when it's hot, pick it up when it's cold..."

This is a phrase I hear routinely as I have a love/hate relationship with running.  The exercise, the fresh air, the mental break, and the time spent, in most cases,...

December 16, 2012

The Explicit Gospel
Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson
Crossway (c) 2012

This is one of the most important books for Christians to read who want to understand the Gospel message.  Every Christian should read this book.

What IS the Gospel? You know it's the "good news", if you went to VBS as a kid, but wh...

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